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Welcome to the second and third grade team!
      Special news: Ms. Deirdre's class would like to share the videos that were created as a product of their new partnership with Bike Recycle Vermont!
Check out this video we made in English: BIke Recycle Vermont English
Check out this video we made in Nepali: बाइक Recycle वरमोंट Bā'ika Recycle varamōṇṭa
Check out this video we made in Maay Maay: Maay Maay Bike Recycle Vermont

Download Voice for free here.

      Welcome to the world of second and third grade!  We are delighted that you are viewing our page and hope that you find it helpful. We would love any feedback as we are just updating our site and getting things going. We are three dedicated teachers among a great team of staff having a great time educating second and third graders about the world as it is today and as it can be in the future. We believe in project based learning, service learning and differentiation in core subject areas.We spend a lot of time outside in our school yard, traveling to local natural settings and helping out in the community. The multi-age setting of our classrooms allows us to really get to know our students as learners and to develop educational practices that meet the needs of our students and their families. We think second and third graders are amazing learners ready to take on the world and we are here to help them do just that! Hope you enjoy our page! Amy LaChance, Deirdre Morris and Kate Seitz.

  Day to Day Life in the Classroom  
       Days in our classrooms begin with time to eat breakfast, take care of morning jobs and do some seatwork until our first special. Since our specials are so early we have morning meetings after our special time.  Each of our classrooms dedicates an hour a day to reading workshop time as well as an hour a day to math. Reading instruction happens in your child's homeroom class with math being divided into two second grade sessions taught by Deirdre and Amy and the two third grade sessions being taught by Kate and Tim Fitzsimmons our math interventionist. In addition to math and reading, each classroom has a dedicated word work and writing time. Project times occur several times a week in our classrooms. Our whole curriculum wraps itself around our Units of study embedded in our year long plan with reading, writing, science and social studies blending together in the course of the day and year. Special educators push into our classrooms to provide services to children as well as working with small groups and individual students outside of the classroom.

  • Bake together
  • Play shop with real money
  • Go for a walk in the neighborhood
  • Tell each other stories (real and make believe)
  • Read together
  • 3rd graders finish math packets

Curriculum Map


  Specials Schedule  

Many of our specials begin at 8:30 each morning. This means that being on time is important if you don't want to miss these activities. Please remember to wear sneakers on PE days and return your library books on learning center days.

Mondays: Library/Music
Tuesdays: Music
Wednesdays: PE/Guidance
Thursdays: Art
Fridays: PE

Mondays: Learning Center
Tuesdays: Music
Wednesdays: Music
Thursdays: Art/Guidance
Fridays: PE

Mondays: PE/Music/Guidance
Tuesdays: Music
Wednesdays: PE
Thursdays: Art
Fridays: Learning Center

How to Contact Us:

Amy LaChance
or 802 - 598 - 8019 (cell phone)
Deirdre Morris
Kate Seitz

Special Educators:
Mary Weith

Amy King

ELL Teacher:
Mary Kay O'Brien