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Welcome to the Sustainability Academy Library
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In a room often described as a tree house overlooking our neighborhood in the Old North End, the Sustainability Academy library/learning center serves the entire school community.  The library offers classes to students in all grade levels and provides small group work spaces, comfortable couches for reading, a full computer lab with an interactive whiteboard, special shelves devoted to books about sustainability, and a collection of over 25,000 fiction, non-fiction books, graphic novels, picture books, and leveled books.  In addition, our Community Book Bag program provides sustainability and curriculum themed book bags available for check out by SA Community Members. 
Library Mission

The Sustainability Academy Library will do its best to:

  • Promote love of reading
  • Provide staff, students, and families with the best resources possible
  • Hold true to the sustainability focus and ethics of our school
  • Represent diversity in our library resources
  • Give students a strong foundation in technology use
  • Help all students be effective users of ideas and information
  • Support student learning and interest in any way needed
Welcome to the SA Library!  The library, also called the learning center, is located on the second floor of the school and serves the entire SA school community.  Students have access to the library throughout the school day, and family members are welcome to stop in anytime during the school day or immediately after school. 

If you have any resource needs, requests or suggestions, we are available to help!  Or, just stop in to browse the shelves and say hello.

If you are interested in volunteering in the library, please see Sharon or Sherry.

Sharon Hayes, Teacher-Librarian             

Sherry Kavanagh, Library Assistant



Library Curriculum


Library curriculum focuses on promoting a love of reading, connecting with classroom curriculum, and teaching 21st Century technology and information skills. 


What is a Sustainable School Library?

Our school library is a sustainable resource! 
Visit this page again later to learn why.



Library Catalog

Find our Monarch Butterflies here!

Photos from the Learning Center

Community Book Bags
Community Book Bags are canvas bags filled with books, organized into twenty seven different sustainability themes. 

These bags are available for check out by any SA Adult.

Each bag contains a variety of books and other supplies centered around the theme. Along with fiction and non-fiction books for children, bags may also include adult books, DVDs, cookbooks, craft books and equipment.
Bags can be checked out in the SA School Library, and are made possible by the Family School Partnership.


Resources for:

Lost Book Form