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Thank you to the kind folks at the Very Merry Theater for supporting our students in a
performance of Peter Pan!
The International Fair is an opportunity to raise awareness of all the cultures and religions in the Sustainability Academy community through authentic traditional food, cultural performances, and arts display. At this event children and their families, as well as the school faculty and staff, wear traditional clothing and share ethnic food from around the world.
​Check out the video here: The International Fair

What does education for sustainability look, sounds and feel like at the SA?
​Check out our slideshow
A heartfelt thank you!
The SA Community celebrates the support of our teaching and learning during the 2015-2016 school year.
This video includes some of the partners who enriched our studies.
Here is a link to view our awesome 4th and 5th grade concert -
Hooray to the First Grade Team for teaching our community about the moon!
Did you miss their presentation? No worries...just check it out here: The Moon


Thank you to our friends from Bikeable Burlington Now! for supporting
our school's first Friday Bike Train! Here is a video showing our 15 person train!!
Harvest Run 2015 was a great success! Look back at the highlights here:
​First Graders want to teach you about why you should compost your food waste!
Click here to check out the video!

The SA celebrates its first graduating class 2015!

Whole School Trash On Lawn Day in partnership with CSWD - December 2015 

Yoga and Mindfulness - at SA!

What's the Deal with a Triangle?


Energy Night 2014 at the Sustainability Academy

SA Students Interview the Mayor (above)

Wash Your Hands

Schoolyard Transformation Project  


Orangutan Kids  


The Skinny Pancake & SA Mural Project


I AM video, 2012

First Grade Penguin Video Conference, 2012

First Grade Compost Experiment, 2012

Literacy Breakfast, Feb 2012

Future Funk!  First SA Performance, Feb 2012