Sustainability Academy at Lawrence Barnes Home Page
At The Sustainability Academy we are learning together to gain the knowledge, skills and habits of responsible community members. We are engaged in making a difference by learning to create social, environmental, and economic justice in our community and world.
“Schools play a vital role in creating a more just and sustainable world.”
                           (taken from the Resolution of the US Partnership for ESD)

At The Sustainability Academy we share the responsibility for...
  • being active, and engaged learners.

  • being inclusive and respectful of everyone.

  • being reflective about our actions and our learning.

  • being life long change makers socially, environmentally, and economically.

  • using daily practices of sustainability.

revised 8/2016

Our Guiding Beliefs about Education and Sustainability:

1. The world is our classroom, and we are all students and teachers.
2. We learn by doing and by reflecting on what we have done.
3. We have the highest expectations and responsibility for our personal growth.
4. We explore the interconnected nature of our world and its living systems.
5. We embrace diversity and equity.
6. We advocate for ourselves and others.
7. We resolve conflict diplomatically and with compassion.
8. We have a responsibility as stewards and leaders.
9. We contribute to our local and global communities.
10. We believe that a desirable and sustainable future is achievable.