Sustainability Academy at Lawrence Barnes Home Page

What exactly does Education for Sustainability mean?

Click here to learn more about EFS.

What is a magnet school?

Click here to see information about the magnet school process.

What do I need to do to register my child at the Sustainability Academy?

Please follow this link to learn more about registering your child at a Burlington School District school.

What will my child learn at the Sustainability Academy?

Students at the Sustainability Academy follow district and state-mandated curriculum, but this curriculum is approached through the lens of sustainability.  Please visit the webpage of a teacher at your child's grade level; both district and sustainability curriculum will soon be available. 

Does the Sustainability Academy have an after-school program?

The Sustainability Academy does have on-site afterschool programming with Burlington Kids, which is a partnership between Burlington School District and Parks & Recreation Department.  Visit the SA After-school page to learn more.  Many families also elect to enroll their children at afterschool programs at Sara Holbrook Community Center.  

Who should I contact if I have questions about the Sustainability Academy

Please call Monica, in the main office (802-864-8480), as a first stop for any questions you may have.  There are also occasionally information sessions about the Sustainability Academy.  Please contact us to learn more about upcoming information sessions.

Can I go on a tour of the school?

Yes!  Please call the school office at 802-864-8480 to speak to Monica about setting up a tour.