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Partners In Learning
An educational community is built not only by students, teachers, and families within a school building and at home, but also through interaction with the real-world partners who invest in our children and their future.  The Sustainability Academy is deeply appreciative for the time, effort, enthusiasm, and educational, philosophical and financial support that has come from the following partners.  
Strategic Partner

Shelburne Farms: The Sustainability Academy is a partnership between the Burlington School District and Shelburne Farms.  Shelburne Farms is a membership-supported, nonprofit environmental education center and National Historic Landmark on the shores of Lake Champlain in Shelburne, Vermont. Their mission is "to cultivate a conservation ethic in students, educators and families who come here to learn. Casual visitors may enjoy the walking trails, children’s farmyard, inn, restaurant, property tours and special events. To pursue our mission, we practice rural land uses that are environmentally, economically and culturally sustainable."

Shelburne Farms and its Sustainable Schools Project support Sustainability Academy teachers through professional development, including curriculum support, the examination of standards through the lens of sustainability, bringing in speakers, and in-service and early release training.  In addition, Shelburne Farms supports teachers in the classroom, and offers the Farm as a rich learning environment for students.
Community Partners
     Seventh Generation:  Seventh Generation's mission is "to inspire a revolution that nurtures the health of the next seven generations."  Seventh Generation has supported the Sustainability Academy by providing funding for solar panels, creating a video that features the SA, offering green cleaning supplies for the school, and supporting us with great volunteers. 

 The Intervale Center:  "For 23 years, the Intervale Center has been dedicated to preserving agricultural resources in Vermont. We help farmers bring their products to market, build and sustain their businesses, and maintain Vermont’s working landscape; we promote land use that protects Vermont’s water quality; we sustain Burlington’s treasured Intervale; and we share our innovative work and knowledge with communities around the world."  The Intervale Center partners with K-5 students as they learn about land, food cycles and production, harvesting, and farming.  Students use crops from the Intervale in school activities and foods from the Intervale are often found at Community Dinners. 

   Vermont Community Garden Network: The core mission of Friends of Burlington Gardens is "to increase public access to community gardening resources; to develop outreach, education, and service-learning programs to cultivate and sustain community-based gardens; to ensure that underserved groups have equal opportunities for community, school, and neighborhood gardening; and to cultivate political support for community-based gardening through networking, advocacy, and activism."  Friends of Burlington Gardens has been instrumental in helping getting the SA gardens off the ground and providing valuable information about gardening over the years. 


The Community Sailing Center:  The mission of the Community Sailing Center is "to encourage and celebrate the responsible use and long term stewardship of Lake Champlain by fostering educational and recreational opportunities for all members of our community."   The Sailing Center helps support the fourth and fifth grade Lake unit, by increasing learning about Lake Champlain, geology, and use of land.  The Sailing Center also teaches students how to sail.

    The Greater Burlington YMCA:  The Greater Burlington YMCA is a resource for students and families who attend out schools.  The GBYMCA generously offered to provide swimming lessons to all of our second graders this year. 

ReSource: ReSource's mission is to "meet community and individual needs through (1) education and job skills training, (2) environmental stewardship, and (3) economic opportunities."  ReSource and ReTrain's YouthBuild program have collaborated with the Sustainability Academy throughout each of its Days of Service, and have helped improve our school  by bringing in reused and recycled materials to enhance our building and grounds.

Champlain College:  Champlain College "endeavors to be a leader in educating today's students to become skilled practitioners, effective professionals and engaged global citizens."  Champlain College supports the Sustainability Academy through its VISTA program, which brings in interns who work to increase family and school relationships.  Champlain College interns also help support conversation, cooperative activities and fun games at recess.  In addition, Champlain College has pledged to offer a scholarship program in the year 2018 that will be available to students who spend at least four years in Burlington's magnet schools.


The University of Vermont: The University of Vermont's mission is "to create, evaluate, share, and apply knowledge and to prepare students to be accountable leaders who will bring to their work dedication to the global community, a grasp of complexity, effective problem-solving and communication skills, and an enduring commitment to learning and ethical conduct.

St. Michael's College: St. Michael's College takes social justice seriously: "Our passion for social justice means we don't just talk about improving the world. We have a history of it. Part of the Edmundite legacy is the vital role they played in the Civil Rights movement in the South. We embody that spirit with nearly 70 percent of our students volunteering through our MOVE (Mobilization of Volunteer Efforts) Office. Our Peace and Justice program of study brings issues into the classroom, and the Edmundite Center for Peace and Justice connects the campus community to peace and justice concerns and resources."

Vermont Commons School: The Sustainability Academy has been collaborating with Vermont Commons School since 2009.  The two schools share a similar mission of Education for Sustainability and commitment to connecting learning to place and to service.  Each semester, a group of Vermont Commons School students visits the SA weekly to work with ELL students, to cooperate on community projects, or to wok with the Afterschool Program.  

     Burlington Legacy Project: "One of Legacy’s key missions is to provide “quality education for all.”  Legacy is committed to improving not only our schools but also increasing youth opportunities that provide for lifelong learning. This vision is being realized through the work and diligence of many key institutions, projects and initiatives."

The Alpine Ski Shop: The Alpine Ski Shop generously donates equipment for rental for our students who participate in the Ski and Ride program each year.

 Burton: Burton's stance on sustainability: We have a responsibility to the sport we pioneered - and to the people and environment that sustain it. Our commitment is to make Burton as respected for our environmental and social impact as we are for our products. In doing so, we will help to make snowboarding - and our lifestyle - sustainable well into the future. Burton generously donates winter gear to keep our students comfortable and warm which allows them to truly enjoy fall, winter and spring in VT!

Local Motion: Local Motion’s mission is to promote people-powered transportation and recreation for healthy and sustainable Vermont communities. Through a grant from the Vermont Energy Investment Corporation (VEIC), Local Motion and SA have started the “Bike for Life” initiative. The project will build bicycling into everyday life through intensive bike skills training for kids, workshops and resources for parents, technical assistance with curriculum development at the school, and the creation of a neighborhood bike club. The project includes funds for reconditioned bicycles that the students use for PE classes, field trips, recess, and in the after school program.


Everybody Wins: By creating mentoring relationships that foster a love of reading and language, Everybody Wins! Vermont increases children’s prospects for success and engages a diverse range of volunteers in their community schools.


Camp Abnacki: The mission of Camp Abnacki is “to provide young people with an opportunity for social, spiritual, mental and physical growth through participation in a community located in a natural setting and characterized by leadership that creates a climate of cooperation a concern for the individual, and the opportunity for interracial, intercultural, and interfaith experience.” The SA third graders take a yearly end-of-the-year field trip to this incredible location.