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K-5 Guidance Programming at The Sustainability Academy

The guidance program is a developmental program designed from the Vermont Framework of Standards. It is intended to increase all students' levels of skill and understanding in the areas of Self and Others, which will, in turn, increase their level of academic, social and personal success.

Content is designed to be developmentally appropriate. For instance, all classes may learn about feelings, but the kindergartners may be learning to recognize and name feelings while the 5th graders are learning about how feelings effect thinking and behavior. Karen Quinn, the guidance counselor, teaches every class, every week.

This timeline is a general guide. Topics may change depending on need.

Getting to Know Each Other - games and activities designed to help students learn names, practice conversation skills and build community.

Being a part of a group ( i.e., family groups, friendship groups,classroom groups, school groups, teams, etc). Students will identify the groups they belong to, how those groups are important to them and how they contribute to their groups. Students will identify rules that help their groups to function.

October - November

Feelings - Students will learn to recognize, name and express their feelings in responsible ways (self-regulation) . Students will learn about empathy and sympathy and respecting others' feelings. Students will learn about how feelings effect thinking and behavior choices.

December- January

Ways we are the same and ways we are different- students will learn that we value others' differences and build connections on the ways we are the same. Students will learn about bullying- what it is and how to respond to it, as well as, learning about the expectations of the law.

February- March

Conflict resolution skills - Communicating in a positive and productive way when there is conflict, steps for resolving, managing one's own stressors.

April- May

Personal Safety Making good decisions, asking for help and identifying trusted adults as resources.

Guidance programming will also include some work in the following areas, as appropriate
goal setting, coping with stress, and adjusting to changes (personal, family, school,etc).